It’s called the Hilux Bruiser

Toyota turned to Arctic Trucks once again, the team that built the Polar Hilux, to create this one-off version of the popular pickup truck.

It’s called the Hilux Bruiser, and it pays tribute to the radio-controlled scale model made by Tamiya in 1980s, coming with a lot of cool features that give it its unique look.

Based on the Extra Cab version, the new Toyota Hilux Bruiser features Arctic Trucks’ AT35 conversion, upgraded suspension, new differential ratio, and flared wheel arches that make room for those giant 35-inch off-road tires.

Making sure that the entire bodywork matches the look of the popular toy made some 30+ years ago is the high-metallic Diamond Blue vinyl, applied by Funkee Fish. Additionally, some of the decals were reproduced by hand, and as a final touch, a large antenna was fitted behind the cab.

Motivation comes from a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that channels 148PS (146hp) to the all-wheel drive through a six-speed manual transmission.

Needless to say that Toyota has no plans of putting the Hilux Bruiser into production, as the concept will be displayed at various event across the United Kingdom.

Article: Carscoops

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