About Arctic Trucks

Arctic Trucks specializes in modifying 4WD vehicles for use in rough environments; in the mountains, on glaciers or in the desert. Rescue teams, military units, police forces and utility companies use Arctic Trucks vehicles, as well as ordinary people who need cars that suit their lifestyle.

The origin of Arctic Trucks can be traced back to 1990 when Toyota in Iceland started to modify 4WD Utility and Pickup Vehicles. This business has over the years taken us as long way, building up great experience and knowledge that has given Arctic Trucks a world renowned expertise in the field of SUV modifications.

Arctic Trucks now has operation in Iceland, Norway, United Emirates, Russia, Finland and Poland, as well as being an expedition service provider and tour operator in Antarctica.


Arctic Trucks Experience

Arctic Trucks Experience offers private tours in Iceland on specialized super trucks where you do all the driving. You can now experience the remote areas of Iceland in guided self-drive tours, driving cars like those used in the well-known BBC television show Top Gear, in their journey to the Magnetic North Pole.

Arctic Trucks offers various tours, depending on the time of year you are visiting Iceland and how challenging you want the trip to be, all tours are custom made according to your wishes and needs. We can offer anything from simple day-tours to multi-day glacier expeditions and Antarctica training.

Arctic Trucks Experience operates a fleet of new modified Toyota Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser 150 vehicles.

Arctic Trucks Expeditions

Arctic Trucks has a world leading expertise in cold climate expeditions. Starting nearly 25 years ago in Iceland developing various solutions for the challenging conditions Iceland poses, to covering nearly 300 thousand km on the Antarctica plateau through various expeditions. Expeditions like double crossing of the Greenland icecap and the North Pole challenge with Top Gear are also on the list.

Working with various clients, Arctic Trucks vehicles and Arctic Trucks employees hold many world first, world only and Guinness World Records. Despite various challenges, all expeditions have been completed safely.

The Arctic Trucks team has extensive experience in planning and organizing various land expeditions especially in Antarctica where Arctic Trucks has vehicles stationed at ALCI airbase and Union Glacier.

For further information please contact Arctic Trucks:
Phone: +354 5404900
Email: info@arctictrucks.com

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